Melamine Pad

Melamine pads are made of Basotect foam produced by BASF company for thorough hand and machine cleaning of micropore surfaces, such as stoneware, ceramic tiles and other hard and smooth surfaces like terrazzo, Tarkett vinyl flooring, linoleum and concrete.


Melamine pads speed up the process of cleaning most dirty flooring. Due to their structural characteristics they significantly shorten the time of cleaning and reduce the need for aggressive chemicals. Comparing to the standard floor pads and scrubbing-brushes, melamine pads greatly increase the efficiency and at the same time reduce the costs of standard machine floor cleaning.


  • Perfect for cleaning micropore surfaces (stoneware, ceramic tiles) and terrazzo, Tarkett, PCV, linoleum and concrete
  • Three-layer structure gives higher pad resilience
  • Melamine foam features great absorbance of water and dirt
  • Ensure savings on chemicals, only water-based or gentle chemicals are required
  • Reduce costs of the cleaning process
  • The product is environmentally-friendly and fully biodegradable


Melamine foam hand pads due to their unique structure can easily remove dirt, stains, fingerprints, crayon-ink-marker traces, sole marks using only water, without need for chemicals.


They are ideal for cleaning stoneware, ceramic tiles, grouts, doors, walls, computer and office equipment. They serve the purpose for cleaning car interiors, cockpits, headlining and upholstery.



Use damp melamine pad for wiping dirty area until it is fully removed. For harder to remove stains chemicals may be required.



  • High absorption of water and dirt dissolved in water
  • High penetration ability of a melamine microfibre to reach the micropores of a surface
  • Öko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate for melamine foam Basotect
  • Medium Speed Rotating Machines can work with melamine pads up to maximum 400 rpm
  • Foam colour: light grey



Foam from the melamine resin – 15mm

Polyurethane foam – 5 mm

Polyester fibre – 3-5 mm


Sizes available: 11”-20” inches

Thickness of a pad: 25 mm +/- 2mm

Bulk density accordingly to EN ISO 845 – 9-10 kg/m3

Resistance of the foam on a variety of chemicals except strong acids as: hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, formic acid (90%), citric acid (5%)

Durability on crumpling and compressing accordingly to BASF – > 45 N



Melamine pads should be thoroughly soaked with water before usage



Machine pads – 5 Pcs box – sizes 11”-20” inches

Hand pads – plastic 5-pack – sizes 9,5 cm x 18,5 cm

Hand pads – plastic 5-pack – sizes 11,0 cm x 25,5 cm

Hand pads – plastic 10-pack – sizes 6,2 cm x 10,6 cm x 2,8 cm

Hand pads with polyester fibre – plastic 10-pack – sizes 6,2 cm x 10,6 cm x 2,8 cm

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