Polor Premium Red Pad is used for general spray and daily cleaning of all types of hard flooring, protected and unprotected with floor coating. This pad can be used for cleaning wooden surfaces and delicate plastic flooring such as: linoleum, rubber and PVC . Polor Premium Red Pad is suitable for dry cleaning with a range of Low and Medium Speed Rotating Machines and Scrubber Dryers 150-800 rpm.


It is made of polyester mixed with natural (3%) fibres and synthetic resin adhesive. Open structure of the Red pad enables absorbance of a large amount of dirty fluids, waxes and polymers collected with stripped floor coatings.

Thickness – 1” (inch) – 2,53 cm +/- 4mm

Weight – 1166 +/-10% g/m2



Polor Premium Red Pad is used for maintenance of protective coating and delicate cleaning of sensitive  surfaces such as: linoleum, rubber, PVC, wood, marble, ceramic tiles.



Polor Premium Red Pad has a high longevity of usage.

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